Saturday, 22 October 2011

be aware of the pain in your chest to day

Is the leading cause of death in the coronary artery disease (CAD) United States. Every year, hundreds of Americans die from heart disease for thousands. Many people that they also are some ideas to CAD. They greater heart attack or even worse that sudden cardiac death experience as a matter of fact, is the first signs of heart disease with a lot of people.

Chest pain is one of the features of CAD. Some people, women and diabetes), but do not all have severe heart disease, or even suffer from chest pain and heart attacks! Chest pain most instances are not related to heart. Contains, such as merge to other common causes of chest pain, esophageal, heartburn and chest wall strained the muscles lifting furniture from. Rather than a list of potential causes of chest pain is long, the purpose of this article will be able to relay these symptoms to your doctor, so the specifics of your symptoms. Cause you have the following questions about chest pain, I think. If you have a higher risk of severe chest pain or heart attack, call 911.

1. How often, pain?

2. Lasting pain?

3 Pain is radiated in anywhere, such as the shoulders, neck, jaw, is?

4 Experience shortness of breath, nausea, heart racing, dizziness, sweating, chest pain?

5. Pain what to bring and what go away is like?

If you are experiencing pain is 6. The position is most comfortable?

7 Next of kin and your heart attack, if they had their first attacks what was the approximate age do people had?

8 Do you smoke or do I? If you ever smoked in the past, how much?

9 So far, you have high cholesterol saying we do.

10 Take a deep breath or cough, pain or.

11 Is the reproduction of pushing on your chest, the same type of pain?

12. Pain, pressure or tightness, sharp, pain, burning, or boring?

13 Have recently been coughing?

14 Foods that pain affect? How if affects the pain?

15 A burp and gas than normal passes being?

16. What have tried your pain. It to work, how to bail out, relief takes end took or how much did?

Do you 17 it. as an onset time or time is the worst pain go?

6 You have ever been diagnosed with asthma.

Do you chest of 7 have any pain it?

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