Saturday, 24 December 2011

«Heartburn and chest pain or heart attack?

Heartburn and chest pain is the most common reasons why people to the emergency room visit frequently to do it. You must take the chance to cause heart attack, heartburn symptoms biggest chest pain, and it can cause everyone not sure do not.

«Heartburn and chest pain and heart attack pain medical diagnosis to differentiate between both need some times is closely related. To be on the safe side, if it was before determining food issues most emergency room doctor meeting a mysterious chest pain, heart attack.

In the symptoms of heartburn: chest pain.

After consuming the meal often painful or lying on the back, and in some cases the cause for concern. It is also too much or is being consumed by eating lots of fat and too much junk food intake occurs.

In rare cases have been reported almost radiate heartburn and chest pain, shoulder arms or neck. Main burner sensation in the throat and esophagus. You can be assured immediately by anti-acids due to reflux of acid from heartburn LES (lower esophageal sphincter) results.

In the following heart attack chest pain symptoms.

Heart attack pain is usually felt in the center of the chest area.

Pain or pressure suddenly to be and deteriorating rapidly

For respiratory problems, dizziness and cold sweat, as around the chest belt brings improved feel.

You may spread, jaw, shoulder, arms or neck pain.

Further spreads of the jaw, neck, shoulders or arms feel pain

Associated with symptoms of heart attacks feels closely to the emergency room and the bottom is another life and death during May.

However, remove any heartburn fast whether there is need to get a natural home remedies help related to heartburn symptoms. Be able to use another home remedies, but also able to mix them properly can obtains maximum results because you're from.

In heartburn home remedy: eat the amount of food, eat enough vegetables in your diet fiber and slowly eat fruits, quick smoking, etc.

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