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«Heartburn and chest pain, heart attack

Also have heartburn and chest pain to the people it is one of the most common reasons to go to the emergency room. Largest of chest pain symptoms of heart attacks that occur should one take a chance no one will have two completely positive differences.

«Heartburn and chest pain and heart attack chest pain to distinguish between the two times medical tests that seems necessary. These tests will include ECG and exercise stress tests. Before it to evaluate it as a matter of the gastronomic heart attack most of the emergency room, the safety side doctor usually unexplained chest pain treats.

Include the following are some of the symptoms of heartburn and chest pain.

After the pain is usually eaten or come when lying on the back. However, when occurs when game experience anxiety.

, Heartburn and chest pain is usually does not dissipate in the shoulder, arm and neck. Primarily an acute and is under the burning pain rib and sternum.

Pain of heartburn is usually anti-acids soon comes with peace of mind in the most cold sweat.

Include the following are some of the symptoms of a heart attack.

Heart attack pain typically occurs in the center of the chest.

Usually pain and pressure suddenly to and deterioration

It is a feeling of fullness and pressure boring, if the belt tightened around your chest place.

It is usually a shortness of breath and dizziness that comes with cold sweat.

You may spread, jaw, shoulder, arms or neck pain.

Pain is usually corresponds to nitroglycerin soon.

Causes of chest pain that some life is as follows.

Will block blood flow to the heart - heart attack - 1.
You must be processed before 2 - angina pectoris - arteries, usually narrowing causes permanent damage cause by the worsening.
Had a tear in the lining of the aorta causing 3 - aortic dissection - internal bleeding.

Other medical problems can be diagnosed breast pain.

You don't know why should anyone go immediately to the emergency room chest pain. Minutes whether a full recovery at issue in cases of heart attack. On the type of this medically very safe then is to drive yourself, no.

Do you is the pain of heartburn or heart attack pain it? If you are not certain that Don's "T take any chance.

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