Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Doc... between the shoulder blades caused by what my-they have severe pain.

Many causes of shoulder blade pain. Rest in pain between the shoulder blades instead occurs as a result of day-to-day problems such as prolonged computer work. You must cope with several causes serious, immediate.

Some are located here.

Gall bladder pain

On the sporadic pain under the rib of the center of the abdomen or the right feel. In the right shoulder or may spread of pain between the shoulder blades. Nausea and vomiting, accompanied sometimes by excessive gas pains. Can last for 2-3 hours before than a few minutes to get from the attack. Frequency and the attack severity is very variable. You can trigger attacks by eating fatty foods, chocolate, cheese and sweets such as. As it is to distinguish from other diseases, pain can be difficult: Helicobacter pylori and gastric problems, heart pain, pneumonia, kidney stones.

From former neck arthritis or disk disease

It is located in the neck area, General pain and can be associated with stiffness and neck muscles. Pain is under the shoulder or shoulder blade during radiation. It is also that may radiate to arms, hands or to head, causes a headache for single-sided or double-sided. Contact neck muscle tension and pain is difficult to feel. Acute pain is an abnormal neck posture can head to one side to force giving rise to; this condition is known as the torticollis.
May be accompanied by a sense of vulnerability of the pain of the skull, shoulder or arms. USCIS may be Cactus, tingling, arms and fingers.

Angina Pectoris

Angina is derived from Latin and translates 'to the 'tight chest. Feeling it behind the chest breastbone (sternum), or center of the left side of the front of the chest crushed contractions or pain, heavy feeling. Can radiated pain either one or both arms, left many. Throat, jaw, stomach, or more rarely can be experienced between the shoulder blades.

Angina is often grow up has been.

o exercise

o psychological stress

o extreme cold

o food.

To stop these factors triggers and pain is usually immediately usually 2-10 minutes within end.

Liver cancer

Abnormal cell growth of liver, liver cancer two ways.

means to start o cancer, cancer of the liver.

o secondary Carcinoma of the liver begins somewhere other cancer spread to liver occurs.

Liver cancer early warning signs:

Under the right rib cage, hard and abdominal lump.

On the right side of the abdominal discomfort.

Around the right shoulder blade pain or pain between the shoulder blades!

Yellow skin color (jaundice)

Abdominal bloating caused swelling

Esophageal cancer

Is the abnormal growth of cells of the esophagus in esophagus cancer, tumors, or displayed. Esophagus, stomach, the throat is connection food aisle.

An effective cancer treatment too late stage advanced to esophageal cancer is normally will not cause any symptoms. Main symptoms is swallowing difficult foods. Food is often stuck in the throat and chest.

Includes signs of advanced esophageal cancer.

Pain during swallowing.

Pain, sore throat, behind the breastbone and pain between the shoulder blades.

Decrease in appetite and weight loss.

The feel of food stuck in hiccup, throat and breast.

Coughing and vomiting.

Aortic dissection

From the aorta, heart, while leading a major artery tears unexpectedly sharp painful spine of scapula. It is obvious a surgical emergency.

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