Sunday, 28 August 2011

heart burn chest pain:about to know

It is one of the most common reason for anyone experiencing heartburn and chest pain, usually suspect symptoms of a heart attack. Competitively to determine chest pain symptoms who is probably the physician in the emergency room. Chest heart attack and chest pain heartburn pain for another term and medical testing is a big difference. Before this risk for emergency room physicians shows attention to this similarity, and safely to evaluate issues of gourmet treat, unexplained chest pain of possible heart attack.

Symptoms: chest pain (heartburn)

After eating it will most probably feel chest pain usually is everyone. It is correctly identified as indigestion chest pain or chest of acid reflux pain. Pain also hand back about lies if: Many people suffers less time mental depression, anxiety and panic attacks after sudden pain. You must experience low shoulder, arms, Chin and neck pain. But might you feel under the acute pain rib and sternum. Cold sweat this kind of painful occurrence is not. Such as the chest pain, and hopefully your doctor prescribed anti-acids quickly helps reduce.

Symptoms of chest pain (heart attack):

This is usually more serious pain to location of the center of the chest looks. Heart attack problems and pain occur suddenly and quickly gets worse. Wear correct symptoms of bloating and strengthening pressure reinforced belt makes you feel like your breast around. Also feel free breathing, dizziness and cold sweating more likely) no slip. To experience radiated pain is associated with heart attack if the shoulders, jaw, arms and neck. You can control the pain with the emergence of nitroglycerin.

The cause of heart attack chest pain:

• Blockage of blood flow in normal blood flow is one of the causes of heart attacks.

• Is the cause of angina artery stenosis and contraction to make another one. May cause permanent damage to the artery, but timely heart attack have should be minimal.

• Another serious condition of the lining of the aorta torn as a result of the aortic dissection and internal bleeding.

Above symptoms pain of heartburn in the short minutes must be remembered that can decide whether you condition to do to recover. So to keep it up, their proper diagnosis by safe is proposals in heart disease.

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