Sunday, 1 May 2011

You can cause a round shoulder back pain.

Rounded shoulders, rolling the shoulders forward, collapse the chest decreasing the capacity of the lungs, they can cause headaches, pain in the entire back and it pain that can mimic rotator cuff problems. Looking on the bright side, we find that, once you've is you have rounded shoulders, there are exercises that can help. To ascertain whether you have rounded shoulders takes a wall, a tape measure and about two minutes.

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, and your back up next to the wall. If you feel the top of your it, you can find where the bony part of the it ends and the meaty part of the upper arm begins…. The end of the bone is where you want to take your measurement. It may be easier to measure the distance if you have help.

Sit in a normal position with your legs straight out in front and your arms down at your sides, don't pull the shoulders back, you'll only be cheating yourself. Relax for thirty seconds to make sure you're in your normal posture/shoulder position. If you have help, have them look and see if they think your shoulders are where you "hold them. Next, measure where the end of the it bone ends and the top of the arm begins…. The distance you're which you are interested in is the open space, the distance between the wall and your body. The measurement should be between one and three entered. Once you begin exercising you'll want to check your progress so be sure to write the measurement down. Be sure to take the measurement from the same place every time. If you know or suspect that you have rounded shoulders and the measurement is within the guidelines, you probably measured too close to the spine.

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