Monday, 22 August 2011

How to stop a scapular pain easily

Will be able to try some simple techniques to reduce here if you have pain in your shoulder blades to normal pain and getting back in as soon as possible. They are easy to take a few minutes in the comfort of your own home.

1) Stretch of the wall-the stand facing a wall on the arm's length distance. Straight to keep your arms at your fingertips to reach out and touch the wall shoulder height. Now slowly into the wall and at the same time gradually "walk toward the fingertips wall ceiling steps.

Continue our efforts to feel closer to the wall and reach the high shoulder down the stretch. Continue until you can go to your arms, standing near the wall right be high. You can do this at the same time one arm. Or both arms at once, it up to you.

Standing in front of two Doorhandle-closed doors, and handle (bath towel rail or chair backs used too), both hands to hold. Now the door step slowly from the doorhandle to continue to retain their lean can be transferred.

Keep straight forward lean you are struggling to end up your arm 90 degrees parallel floor straight from your arms and hips forwards. Once again, at the same time this stretch one arm or both together you can.

3) Machine time stretching-the stand at the open door, and your arms bent at 90 degrees, your side up. Need pointing to the ceiling on your forearm vertical with horizontal upper arm (bicep), should be. Doorframe of vertical forearm and very gently lean forward or half step forward to place. This will stretch your chest and upper back. Repeat on the opposite side.

4) Of the backstretch-of fasten together behind the arms reach the back your hands. To keep your arms straight, then lift straight up. You must lean forward to do so. See do not lift up so you can your back becomes painful to keep straight. Returns the starting position to gently push as much as 20 seconds.

5) Left the ice. If you have pain in your shoulder blades on all the rest of your shoulders. Evening from 1 and ice 10-15 minutes after swelling, inflammation, easing pain and mitigate the stretch.

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