Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Truth-scapular pain causes and treatments

Shoulder blades are scapular pain is usually caused by neck problems. Blade area of pain is also called shoulder blade pain. Much of the route of the bones and muscles of the scapula region is shared by the neck joint. If there is a problem in the lower part of the upper back and neck's a normal feeling in the area of the blade.

Causes of shoulder blade pain

Truth: blade pain most blade problems is due. Real problem involves very rare in normal bone disease, bone tumors and infections. Small percentage of real pain shoulder blade issue is made.

Almost every blade of pain in the upper part of the bottom of the neck or back problems caused =. This type of pain is known as fibromyalgia. Pain, cause of neck, usually nearest the spine along the inside of the wing feel.


Diagnosis of shoulder pain, doctors start a simple test. Doctors make shoulder muscles, joints and brachial nerve. Consider the thoracic spine, neck, and upper back.

Trigger or aggravate neck movements, in the cervical spine pain. To ensure that after this diagnosis, doctors don't have the problem causes neck pain in the request of MRI scans, x-rays, or neck. If doctors suspect scapular pain for another reason, MRI scans of the chest x-ray and blood tests, or thorax or chest to do may be requested.

Of severe shoulder blade pain of sudden onset with severe blood and heart blood vessel problems might be. In this case is immediately seek medical attention.


Depends on the discovery of blade pain treatment, diagnosis and physician. Most common causes and therefore treatment in the field of the cervical spine or related, neck and best director. From the treatment of neck, recovery is usually straightforward. Scapular pain treatment options.

? anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers
? thoracic spine and neck operation
? acupuncture.
From ? physiotherapy, chiropractor, physiotherapist, or osteopath

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