Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Acid reflux and chest pain-it can a heart attack.

Acid reflux and chest pain can present dangers for some heart patients. It is not aware that suffers from some fairly common individuals what they have acid reflux and chest pain, but already no onset of heart attack chest pain.

Before proceeding, we first what acid reflux identify.

Acid reflux-what is causing heart burn, chest pain?

Acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) primarily affect the esophagus people. Esophageal describing it adequately its passage, mouth food in the stomach, under the normal digestive process passing is. In the decomposition process in some instances, moves to form some reflux of stomach.

Reflux was digested here, have some food, but instead from the stomach esophagus once again to pass through which returned to a mean. However, regurgitation of food get stuck in this passage in the form of a chest pain cause discomfort.

Is affected by acid regurgitated food stuck in the esophagus, some during the digestive process used now because the inflamed lining of the esophagus, the latter. Causing people being liquid acid reflux in the most hazardous substances now suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease, acid reflux or heartburn.

Sizzling suffer from acid reflux, felt like chest pain, and can last for a couple of hours for you. If some chest pain is always clearly state of the victim is not. Still, esophageal acid unprocessed or neutralizing eventually ulcer bleeding will.

You may be next to some individuals that feel weakened the effect of acid reflux and chest pain. However, be prevented from doing so because they just worsen his or her State will need. Lying is undigested food has reached the throat if people's throats dry drying and also there is the opportunity for the taste to leave, moving in the throat, burning sensation.

Misunderstanding of the acid reflux chest pain for heart attack

You can easily improve by Antacids may be treated as acid regurgitation and chest pain are closed, some people are, and. This problem is acid reflux-initial heart attack, chest pain now there similarities between for chest pain. Therefore, know that could become fatal to ignore the latter of these two conditions underlying the difference really is required.

You can take right where heart attack and acid reflux after a sumptuous meal so it's pretty hard. Also that it really is at the same time both acid reflux, heart attack. While experiencing acid reflux, esophageal, some now inhibits the blood flow to the heart nerves is due.

How to distinguish the acid reflux chest pain from a heart attack

Chest pain leads to heart attacks as mere acid reflux chest pain to to avoid the risk of misidentification in the next distinction of note who tend to suffer from these diseases.

Burning sensation of the acid reflux or chest pain is usually 10-12 means that at the end of a heart attack will not suffer from chest pain which is the end of a long time. Long, chest pain, heart attack patients more symptoms become apparent. It therefore be can cause chest pain from a heart patient has other symptoms. These issues are immediate agreement, heart attack symptoms.

o cold sweat breaks.

o pain, from the chest, jaw, shoulder or arms are moving. To put in effort to increase pain.

o fatigue and shortness of breath.

did not respond to o chest pain reducer.

o nausea and vomiting.

pale o patients now.

If you ask that all of these symptoms, or 10 to 15 minutes, antacids or H2 blockers yet from the heart burn, chest pain, to call 911 someone suffer.

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